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Successful Applicants

Wound Management Workshop

30 September 2012 (Sunday)

Confirmation of Application

Successful applicants will be notified individually. Please contact AADO Secretariat (Ms. Terry Leung, Tel: 2632-3482) or by email (secretariat@aado.org) if you do not receive the confirmation letter by 14 September 2012.

(Updated - 6 September 2012)

Title Surname Given Name Hospital Lecture Workshop
Ms CHAN Wing-han KWH Yes N/A
Ms CHAN Wing-shan  Baptist Hospital Yes N/A
Ms CHEUNG Shuk-shan Susanna PYNEH Yes Yes
Ms CHOI Kah-leng PWH Yes Yes
Ms CHOW Wai-sum HK Sanatorium & Hosp Yes Yes
Ms CHUNG Yin-yee Union Hospital Yes N/A
Ms HO Chun-lin Wu York Yu GOPC Yes N/A
Ms IP Pui-sze Mary PWH Yes N/A
Ms KWOK Wai-man Rowena QMH Yes N/A
Ms LAM Hoi-lan POH Yes N/A
Ms LAM Siu-mei Baptist Hospital Yes Yes
Ms LAM Tak-ching PWH Yes Yes
Mr LAU Ka-ho CMC Yes Yes
Ms LO Ho-kit Castle Peak Hospital Yes Yes
Ms LO Yuen-yan PWH Yes N/A
Ms LUI Chui-ping CMC Yes Yes
Ms NG Tin-kit Kowloon Hospital Yes Yes
Ms PUN Man-kei TMH Yes Yes
Ms WONG Ka-yi PWH Yes N/A
Ms WONG Pui-han PYNEH Yes Yes
Ms YEN Ping-wah  PWH Yes Yes
Ms YEUNG Ka-po Union Hospital Yes N/A
Ms YIP Yin-wai PWH Yes Yes
Ms YIU Pui-yi PWH Yes Yes
Ms YUE Wai-yi Kowloon Hospital Yes Yes
Ms YUEN To HK Sanatorium & Hosp Yes Yes
Ms YUEN Yee-man NDH Yes Yes
Ms YUNG Sai-wai Joanna HK Sanatorium & Hosp Yes Yes



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