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AADO Asian Fellowship Programme 2010
A Report from Dr. Lokesh A Veerappa
01 August - 24 August 2011

It is a report from Dr. Lokesh A Veerappa, one of the successful applicants of AADO Asian Fellowship Programme in Queen Elizabeth Hospital at Hong Kong, who had a visit there on 01 August - 24 August 2011.


I landed at Hongkong for a 4 week fellowship in Trauma on the 1st of August, 2011. On the first day we got our ID cards, security cards and locker room keys and Dr. Shenintroduced us to the trauma ward, Operation theatre and documentation room. I was delighted by the hospitality that came my way from Dr. Shen and his group which made my homing in easier. I settled down comfortably.

Our day started with a preoperative planning sessionwith Dr.Shen, wherein all the cases posted for surgery are discussed and the appropriate surgical procedure is planned. Then we go to the Operation theatre.The preoperative planning is what makes their surgery appearso fast and effortless. Dr. Shen taught us many a tricks and pearls in the management of every case that was operated. He used to show us through various powerpoint presentations and surgical manuals as to what are the intricacies of managing a particular fracture. They use an OTMS (Operation Theatre Management System) software and it is superb. One can access it from anywhere and it has hyperlinks with electronic patient records so the patient data can be accessed at the same time the Operating list is planned.

The Wednesday grand rounds of the cases done over the past week were very informative. We used to sit with Dr. Shen in the Out Patient Department and there we had interesting discussions and he taught us several aspects of managing trauma with his innumerable powerpoint presentations on his computer.

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Dr. Shen is a very knowledgeable person and at the same time, an excellent teacher. I could say Dr. Shen has changed my perspective of looking at the implants and instruments used in Trauma Surgery. The next time I look at the design of an implant or an instrument I would try to assess why each of intrinsic features are actually there. I would see as to what is the purpose of the design and to what end is it going to help.

I would like to thank Dr. KB. Lee, Dr. Gary, Dr. Edmund, Dr. Wong, Dr. Rio and Dr. Adam who was very friendly and helpful during my stay in Hongkong. All the staff and the hostel personnel were very cordial and always willing to help. I would especially thank Kellam Cheung and Terry Leung who got the visa processing done for us and saw through our arrival here in Hong Kong.

Overall I would thank every body who made my stay in Hongkongfeel great. The fellowship was thought provoking, it enriched my knowledge, expanded my understanding of all aspects of trauma and showed me a good viable system managing the same.


Dr. Lokesh A Veerappa



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