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AADO Asian Fellowship Programme 2018
Report from Dr Kasi Viswanadham MOGALI

5 Nov– 27 Nov 2018


It is a report fromDr Kasi Viswanadham MOGALI, one of the successful applicants of AADO Asian Fellowship Programme in Queen Elizabeth Hospital at Hong Kong, who had a visit there on
5 Nov– 27 Nov 2018



I take the privilege to thank the team AADO for granting me an opportunity to pursue such a wonderful fellowship. On this account I would like to thank Dr Aditya Krishna Mootha, my mentor and guide who had first told me about this fellowship and guided me throughout the journey of fellowship .I also thank my guru Dr Y Nageswara Rao for his constant encouragement and support.

I and my other two fellow colleagues  are provided with accommodation in the N block nursing hostel which was very close to the hospital and very comfortable to stay. we used to attend the operation theatres on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and out patient clinics on Wednesday. On Wednesdays we had grand clinical rounds in the morning with the Trauma and the Sports team headed by esteemed professors and senior consultants, where we participated in healthy, informative discussions and critical analysis of interesting trauma and sports injury patients.

I would like to mention a special note on our guide and mentor  Dr W Y Shen, the erudite person. He is a very humble and very innovative  in his approach of fracture management. He taught us surgical planning, procedure details and discussed about the intra-op  practical problems we face commonly. In the OPD days, we used to see his extensive PPT’s  in his laptop which are very informative and knowledgeable. I am very much impressed by his knowledge about Inter-trochanteric fractures and cementing technique during  hip arthroplasty, and was kind enough to share his wisdom and teach us these fine technical skills. I would like to extend my gratitude for his efficient teaching, constant supervision and care that he showed to us during the training period. I also thank Dr Ivan who is the incharge of our fellowship for a week during this period.

It was an eye feast to watch computer navigated minimally invasive surgery [MIS] for the pelvis and sacro-iliac joint by the team led by Dr KB Lee and Dr Tim Chui.  Strict protocols with swift care and team work was highly emphasized in high energy injuries with unstable pelvis right from the emergency department to initial stabilization procedure/containment of the injury with external fixator, retro peritoneal packing and angio-embolisation. I was amazed by their approach towards polytrauma patients. I would like to thank Dr KB Lee and Dr Tim Chui for their keen interest in teaching us about the fracture pattern, meticulous planning regarding screw placement and operative procedure. We were lucky enough to see entire range of pelvis cases during this period.

I would like to thank Dr Wilson Lee, Head of the department-orthopaedics and senior consultant division of sports surgery, with whom we had great learning experience about several shoulder and knee arthroscopy procedures. He is a very knowledgeable and meticulously explained us regarding the sports injuries. We had very enlightening discussion and clinico-radiological correlation over rotator cuff injuries, Bankarts repair, revision Bankarts, ACL reconstruction and meniscal repair.

 I also thank Ms Natalie ,our fellowship co-ordinator for helping us in all ways from arranging our visas and guiding us through entire process till we reach the hospital without any hassle.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital is a tertiary care hospital and the Orthopaedic department in the hospital deals with all kinds of orthopaedic problems and perform all kinds of orthopaedic surgeries like trauma, arthroplasty, arthroscopy, spine and foot and ankle. I am really  impressed  with  the  quality of  health  care  being provided  to the  patients here. I would also  like  to  appreciate  their  electronic  patient  record  management  system, which makes  pre  operative  planning, post  surgical  analysis  and  data  retrieval a lot  easier.

Last but not the least i would like to thank my colleagues Dr Gur Aziz Singh Sidhu and Dr Karthick with whom i  had very good time in Hong Kong. They are fun loving and knowledge sharing people. The weekends were fun filled. We enjoyed travelling places in and around Hong Kong. Lantau island and  Macau were the best.

Overall the AADO fellowship has helped me to reinforce my knowledge, sharpen my clinical and surgical skills. I returned  from  Hong  Kong with  great  memories, enriched  experience  and  many  new friends.  


Dr Kasi Viswanadham MOGALI






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